Conference objectives

  1. Balanced development of Eco-tourism in Siwa Oasis and to increase the opportunity of tourism development in the region due to its unique elements represented in the salty lakes, Great Sand Sea, temples and the various cultural heritage of the former civilizations.
  2. Exerting efforts by all concerned authorities to establish national museum to offer the requirements of producing Siwa olive oil historically and an interesting display of the kinds of squeezers used historically in the age of oil relating to a factory of producing and packaging olive oil like the international museums existing in the areas of producing oil all over the world.
  3. Entering new patterns of tourism in line with the elements of attracting tourism to the oasis which has an economic return like watching birds immigration-camel Tourism-Environmental Tourism by walking or riding camels.
  4. Establishing a center for Training and Learning for Siwa sons and teaching them crafts related to Siwa.  Also, to teach them crafts relating to Siwa products. A restaurant of the special and distinguished Siwa foods and one for offering foods to tourists is attached after the process of learning.
  5. Developing crafts, small industries and handicrafts to serve the society especially women in Siwa.
  6. Gathering specialized experts including academics, businessmen, professionals, researchers and members of civil society to attend and discuss the problems and obstacles that face international tourism in Siwa and how to be solved.  

Conference Topics :

  • Geophysics survey for Siwa Oasis.
  • The current economic situation in Siwa Oasis.
  • Ongoing elements of tourism in the Siwa Oasis and the methods to be maintained.
  • Preservation of biodiversity in Siwa Oasis within the framework of continuing tourism.
  • Eco-hotels management and determining their requirements.
  • Maintaining and managing cultural and natural heritage.
  • Archaeological sites in the region through the ages.
  • How to increase agricultural land to provide the required food for Siwa Oasis and for local and international tourists.
  • Drainage problem solutions and high water level in the ground.
  • Crafts, small industries and handicrafts and their role in improving the life of women in Siwa.
  • Successful experiences in improving tourism (medical tourism, ecological and Safari) in the Arab world.
  • Green tourism and methods of their maintenance.
  • Economic impacts resulting from tourism activity on women and children in Siwa Oasis.
  • Tourism awareness and its impact on women and children in Siwa Oasis


Matrou University

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